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Excel and Word documents

Import Excel and Word into MicroStation files with perfect formatting. Pasted data comes in as editable MicroStation text and line elements. Imports huge spreadsheets with no problems.

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Raster reference files

Easily edit raster reference files — without leaving MicroStation! Quickly erase or mask a portion of a raster file, as well as deskew and despeckle the file.

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Unlimited changes to design files automatically

Global File Changer is limited only by your imagination. It can be used to make thousands of different types of changes — with laser precision — to any number of design files you choose.

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MicroStation reference files

Fix file paths, replace a reference file in multiple master files, modify level symbology for multiple reference files in multiple master files and more in batch.

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Where's that detail?

Find details, cells, blocks and more in any number of files or archived projects — fast!

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MicroStation is a fantastic CAD program, but wouldn't it be great if it were easier? MicroStation Acceleration Garage solves just about any problem that MicroStation CAD users and managers run into. Get more info.

MicroStation Tips & Tricks

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Axiom's purpose

Axiom's purpose is to help CAD professionals design a better world for themselves, their families, their organizations and the planet, by understanding their needs and providing software that allows these artists to get repetitive tasks done quickly and easily. To remove some of their frustration; to increase their status and job security; to help them meet deadlines; and to get them home on time.

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