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How Do You Feel When You Lose Something You Need?

If you've ever been unable to find your keys when you were in a big hurry, you know what it feels like to lose something — that desperate, howling, just-want-to-kick-something feeling of pure frustration.

Well, just as you can forget what drawer your keys are in, you can forget what drawing a certain text string is in — or a certain block — or any other object.

But like a mother who always seems to know where you left your stuff, CadExplorer comes to your immediate rescue. Just cry out to CadExplorer what you've lost, and it instantly tells you where you left it — like this: "CadExplorer, we're in a huge hurry to finish this project on time. Oh where, oh where is the yellow text that says, 'Update before submitting'?" And like your all-knowing mom, CadExplorer instantly locates what you couldn't find.

Ignore the Boundaries Between CAD Files

CadExplorer lets you magically ignore the boundaries between AutoCAD and MicroStation files and interactively find, analyze, explore, report on and investigate drawing data in ways never before possible. And the latest releases of CadExplorer now supports text modification. So, once you've found that yellow text on layer "HVAC" you were looking for, you can easily modify it or change its color, lineweight or linetype.

Supports Both DWG and DGN Files

Here are just a few of the things that you can do with CadExplorer:

  • Search and replace text across multiple drawing files.
  • Search for specific text strings in dozens (or hundreds) of drawing files — simultaneously.
  • Modify selected text in just seconds — even using wildcard and regular expression substitution — and preview your proposed text changes before committing them to your drawing files.
  • Instantly find, using any combination of common characteristics, any objects or blocks in any DGN or DWG files in a project or at an entire site.
  • Instantly see a list of external reference files and which drawing files have them attached.
  • See how many times each block is included in a certain set of drawing files.
  • Easily and immediately identify all kinds of oddball duplicates and errors.

Save Hours Finding What You Need

CadExplorer is blazingly fast because it gathers all the data it needs invisibly before you request it. Once set up, it does its data-gathering job totally automatically. CadExplorer then lets users instantly and interactively view, sort, filter and group DGN and DWG data in virtually any imaginable way.

The information presented by CadExplorer can be easily exported to Excel. IT personnel can also generate detailed reports and web queries about CAD projects using tools they already know, like SQL and Crystal Reports.

And so much more

CadExplorer is a stand-alone application does not need either AutoCAD or MicroStation unless you want to open a DWG or DGN file. Because the data is all stored in a database, searching, replacing and filtering is a snap. For instance, you can quickly see a list of all external references or how many times a block is included in a certain set of drawing files. The possibilities are endless.

AutoCAD or MicroStation not Required

CadExplorer does not require that AutoCAD or MicroStation be installed to do any of the searching, filtering or text replacements. However, MicroStation or AutoCAD must be installed in order to open AutoCAD or MicroStation files.

Just need to search for text and details in MicroStation or AutoCAD files? Be sure to check out Detail Finder!

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Need to replace text across multiple DWG and DGN files? CadExplorer's intuitive interface makes it easy to find and replace text across a few files or entire projects.
CadExplorer's interactive features let you quickly discover information about objects (elements), layers (levels) and files. Search and filtering criteria can be easily saved allowing you to reuse those searches in the future.

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