Import Excel and Word into AutoCAD ®  with Perfect Formatting

Microsoft Office Importer ™ for AutoCAD


Import Excel Data with Perfect Formatting

Want an easy way to paste a bill of materials, a schedule or some other spreadsheet data into your design file that is reliable and keeps a link to the original spreadsheet? Microsoft Office Importer lets you import nearly unlimited quantities of spreadsheet data into AutoCAD with exceptional formatting and reliability. Microsoft Office Importer eliminates the need for manual entry or manipulation of text in AutoCAD when the data is already available in another form.

For example, Microsoft Office Importer can easily import a spreadsheet containing 19 columns and 750 rows of information in a single paste. Microsoft Office Importer provides exact mapping of Windows text size to AutoCAD text size using any available AutoCAD font you choose. And it's very easy to use!

With Microsoft Office Importer, you can:

  • Import huge amounts of data into DWG files in a single paste that is extremely reliable.
  • Fit tall Excel or Word pastes inside short spaces with a "column flow" feature which creates columns on the fly — with repeating column headers — when pasting spreadsheet or Word data into AutoCAD.
  • Have data such as bills of material, schedules, summaries and quantities stay current after pasting with no further user interaction.
  • Control font, text size, layer, color and other attributes of data pasted into DWG

Microsoft Office Importer for AutoCAD
Version 5.0
Feature Supported
Automatically or interactively updates the pasted data each time the DWG is opened. Yes
Does not require the user to open Excel or Word, manually, in order to update the pasted data in DWG. Yes
Pastes real AutoCAD objects (mtext, lines). Yes
Fast and perfect plotting. Yes
Supports Microsoft Word and Excel. Yes
Minimal impact on file size (does not bloat DWG files). Yes
Pastes can automatically resize on update if rows or columns were added or removed in the source file. Yes
Pastes can be spread over multiple columns in the DWG file for the best fit inside any drawing border. Yes
Automatically repeats header rows at the top of each column. Yes
Allows user to see text and border lines, live, while pasting. Yes
Allows user to choose any font, regardless of the font used in the source file. Yes
Allows user to set the text size to any needed height and width. Yes
Ability to paste more than just one page of data at a time. Yes
Allows user to choose the layer for the paste. Yes
Allows user to define one layer for text and a separate layer for border lines. Yes
Allows user to define the properties for the paste (color, weight, style). Yes
Can be set to use different properties for text and border lines. Yes
Supports relative paths. Yes
Edits the path in any link. Yes
Supports merged Excel cells. Yes
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