How to Save Zillions on Powerful CAD® Tools

MicroStation Productivity Toolkit is a product bundle that contains many of Axiom's most popular products. MicroStation Acceleration Garage is our featured package that contains nearly every Axiom software product, including the famous LearningBay, all for one outrageously low price.

Product A component of Garage ™ A component of Toolkit ™ Free demo

CadExplorer ™

Google-like search and replace capabilities for MicroStation!

Yes   Yes

CellManager ™

Take control of your MicroStation cell libraries!

Yes Yes Yes

Detail Finder ™

Find details, cells, blocks and more in any number of files or archived projects — fast!

Yes   Yes

DgnCompare ™

Quickly view design file differences!

Yes Yes Yes

DgnQuickPick ™

Save time while working with multiple design files!

Yes Yes Yes

Duplicate Element Remover ™

Remove duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically!

Yes Yes Yes

English-to-Metric ™

Universal working units conversions!

Yes Yes

Fence Undelete ™

Recover deleted MicroStation elements automatically!

Yes Yes Yes

FileFixer ™

Fix any MicroStation file automatically!

Yes Yes Yes

Global File Changer ™

Make unlimited changes to multiple design files quickly and easily!

Yes Yes Yes

Global Workspace Manager ™

Manage every MicroStation workspace without leaving your desk!

Yes   Yes

InstantDiskSpace ™

More free disk space anytime a MicroStation user wants it!

Yes Yes Yes

Intersection Fixer ™

Perfect MicroStation line intersections — automatically!

Yes Yes Yes

LearningBay ™

Train on MicroStation without leaving your desk!

Yes   Free online demo

Microsoft Office Importer ™

Import spreadsheet and word processing data into MicroStation with perfect formatting!

Yes Yes Yes

Problem Element Viewer ™

Graphically view the problem elements found by FileFixer or EdG!

Yes Yes Yes

RasEdit ™

Easily edit raster reference files without leaving MicroStation!

Yes   Yes

RasterDgn ™

Easily edit raster reference files — in color — without leaving MicroStation!

Yes   Yes

RefFence ™

Edit MicroStation reference file clipping boundaries after they're attached!

Yes Yes Yes

RefManager ™

Solve any MicroStation reference file problem fast!

Yes Yes Yes

RefMerge ™

Merge a design file and its reference files into a single file!

Yes Yes Yes

RefWriter ™

Write to any reference file with the click of a mouse!

Yes Yes Yes

RenamePlus ™

Rename any group of files using powerful character substitution commands!

Yes Yes Yes

SafetyCheck ™

Confirm your design files are corruption-free!

Yes Yes Yes

SequenceEditor ™

Tired of losing MicroStation elements behind filled elements?

Yes Yes Yes

SpecChecker ™

Perform quality-assurance checks on your MicroStation files quickly and easily!

Yes Yes Yes

SpecManager ™

Easily design with the right feature and right symbology!

Yes   Yes

SpecMonitor ™

Standardize your MicroStation files as you create them!

Yes Yes Yes

SpellCheckerPlus ™

The full-featured MicroStation spell checker!

Yes Yes Yes

Title Block Manager ™

Achieve title block consistency automatically!

Yes   Yes

Translation Manager ™

Get Translations Between DGN and DWG Done Right the First Time!


Version Manager ™

Retain past versions of your MicroStation files automatically!

Yes Yes Yes


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