Axiom Services

Axiom Translation Services
Translating MicroStation files to AutoCAD or AutoCAD files to MicroStation isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often, results just don’t meet the CAD standards you need them to have. Other times, files have corruption which you may not even be aware. This can result in unusable design or drawing files. Whether you have a few files or hundreds (or thousands) of files that need to be translated, Axiom’s Translation Service can provide you with the final product that you (and your customer) need.

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Axiom Conversion Services
Axiom offers hand-drawn, economical (meaning less expensive than if you were to do them) on-time, accurate conversions from raster to intelligent CAD for small projects or large, complex ones. No time, not enough personnel, not enough money in the budget? No problem!
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Custom Programming Services
Axiom provides custom programming for MicroStation shops needing customized solutions to fit their unique workflows. Axiom is the most trusted and most successful third-party utility developer in the world, so why would you trust your production to anyone else?
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Digital Documents
Digital manuals cost less than printing and distributing paper copies. They are easier to search, access, update and print. With digital manuals, you can preserve your manuals so they are not lost, torn, destroyed, wrinkled, soiled or worse. You’ll never lose another page. You will have certainty that the latest revision is what is being used by everyone.
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