From general questions about MicroStation to specific questions about how to get the most out of Axiom products, you can find answers to common questions below.

If you still need assistance after reviewing the below questions and answers, just give us a call at 727-442-7774 extension 1158 or click here to submit your question to our support team.

General Questions

Will Axiom products run on a 64-bit operating system?

Yes. Axiom’s products run in the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

I am running Axiom software in MicroStation V8, but my company is upgrading us to MicroStation V8i. Do I need a new version of Axiom software to work in V8i?

With the exception of RasEdit (replaced by RasterDgn, which does support V8i) and RefWriter (no plans to produce a V8i version), the latest versions of our V8 products work in V8 2004 Edition, V8 XM and V8i. If you aren’t sure you have the latest versions of your Axiom software installed, choose Axiom | Check for updates… to see if there are any updates you should install to ensure V8i support.

How do I find out if I’ve got the latest release of any Axiom product?

For most Axiom products (the ones that run within MicroStation), go to your Axiom menu in MicroStation, choose “Check for updates…” and follow the simple directions that come up. Doing so, you can easily find out what versions you have installed, what the latest versions are and what has changed between your installed versions and the latest versions.

Translation Manager, Detail Finder, CadExplorer and Global Workspace Manager are the Axiom products which don’t use that system at present. To find out if you have the latest release of Translation Manager, Detail Finder or CadExplorer, go to this page in your web browser: To see what version of any Axiom product you have installed, go to the main window of your Axiom product and choose Help | About.

I have a feature that I would like to see added to one of your products. How do I let you know about that?

Your comments, feature ideas and other suggestions are extremely valuable to us. Please go to the MicroStation Axiom Support or AutoCAD Axiom Support page right away and tell us your idea. Without a quarter century of feedback from you, our users, Axiom would not be the leading CAD third-party developer that it is today. Every widely acclaimed product we’ve ever developed evolved based on such feedback.

We’d like to make Axiom products perform every function you could ever imagine such a product being able to perform. We intend to make you such a satisfied customer that you can’t wait for the next user group meeting so you can tell your friends and associates how much you like Axiom and how strongly you recommend Axiom products.

Are there user’s guides for my Axiom software?

Yes. During installation, a user’s guide is copied to that product folder in the Axiom base directory (where you’ve installed your software). Also, you can always download user’s guides from our FTP site at

Your frequently answered questions section didn’t answer my question. Now what can I do?

Contact us by filling out a MicroStation support request, an AutoCAD support request or by calling us at 727-442-7774 extension 1158. We are a bit unusual in the software world — we actually like to take phone calls. So call any time. If it’s after our business hours, leave a message and we will call you back. Include in the message your business hours along with what time zone you are in.

How can I get training on my Axiom tools?

If you have active maintenance with Axiom, you are most likely entitled to a certain amount of live online training on your Axiom tools. The best thing to do is call Axiom at 727-442-7774 and say you want to schedule training on your Axiom products and you’ll be put in touch with the person who can get you scheduled.

How much tech support do I have?

If you have active maintenance with Axiom, you are entitled to unlimited tech support via phone or e-mail.

Installation Questions

Can I install my Axiom software (the ones that run within MicroStation) on a network for all users to share?

Yes. All Axiom software that is run from within MicroStation can be installed on a network for users to share. They are still restricted by license. For example, a single-computer license, although installed on a network, will still only load from the machine that it has been registered to. Here are the instructions for doing this: Network Install (Windows Version).

I’ve installed my Axiom product, but I don’t see an Axiom menu.

After installing most* Axiom products, you should see an Axiom pull-down menu in MicroStation. If you don’t, this is usually because there is a MicroStation configuration variable conflict. This is normally very easy to solve. Unfortunately, since MicroStation is highly customizable, there isn’t an answer that fits all cases. The best thing to do is contact Axiom Support for help at 727-442-7774. This issue can usually be handled in just a few minutes on the phone.

*The Axiom products that are not run from inside MicroStation and thus do not create an Axiom menu in MicroStation are LearningBay, Translation Manager, Detail Finder, CadExplorer and Global Workspace Manager.

When I attempt to load my Axiom software from the Axiom menu, a web page opens up to a description of the program.

The Axiom menu displays a product’s web page when the product you clicked on is not installed. Axiom’s installer can install one or many Axiom software products all at once. During installation, products are automatically selected to be installed only if you gave the installer a license for that product (by pointing the installer at a license file or by pasting one or more licenses right into the box presented by the installer). Most likely, the product that didn’t get installed was simply not checked-on during installation, either due to the lack of a provided license or because the person who did the installation un-checked the product in the list of products to install, perhaps unintentionally.

If you don’t have a license for this product, please e-mail to request a license. Once you receive that license or if you already have a license for this product, please re-run the installation process and provide this license during the installation to ensure that this product gets installed.

License Questions

I just downloaded an upgrade from your FTP site. How do I get the license I need?

After downloading an upgrade from, go to the Axiom MicroStation Product Support Request or AutoCAD Product Support Request page and request a new license.

FileFixer Questions

I keep running FileFixer on my file and the same errors keep showing up in the report, even though the report says the problems were fixed each time. Why is nothing getting fixed?

By default, FileFixer doesn’t fix your original file — it creates a new, fixed version of your file with an extension of “.fix” and leaves your original file untouched. So each time you ran FileFixer, you were fixing the original, corrupt file.

You can change this behavior easily. Simply locate the setting “Settings | Change Settings… | General…“. In the section “When repairing a design file or cell library:” change “Work on copy (.fix) of original file. Leave original untouched.” (the deafult) to “Work on original file. Create backup. (.bkp)”.

Global File Changer Questions

I’ve got a macro that I would like to run on about 1,000 files. Can I do that with Global File Changer?

Yes. Simply create a text file and give it a “.key” extension. Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to add a line to that file saying:
    MACRO X:\Path\MacroName.bas


  • “X” is the name of the drive; and
  • “Path” is the path where the file is located; and
  • “MacroName.bas” is the name of your macro file.

For example:

Then, use Global File Changer’s easy-to-use file selector to build your list of files to process. When you’re ready, push {Start} and the macro will be run on all of the files you selected. To find out more about using Global File Changer, choose Help | Contents from its menu bar and search for whatever topic you need help on.

Microsoft Office Importer Questions

Most likely, you don’t have the MicroStation configuration variable MS_DGNAPPS set to load Microsoft Office Importer when your design files open. If you want Microsoft Office Importer to update your pasted text from the source document automatically when your design file is opened, you need to modify your Axiom configuration file (axiom.cfg).

Here’s how:

  1. Go to …\MicroStation\config\appl\ (which could be located on your computer or on your office network).
  2. Open the file “axiom.cfg” uUsing a text editor, such as Notepad.
  3. Add the following line to that file, on a line by itself:
    MS_DGNAPPS > $(AXI)office/
  4. Save the file and restart MicroStation.

Title Block Manager Questions

How can I make Title Block Client use a different cell library from which to place cells?

The configuration variable TBMGR_CELL_LIB can be defined in MicroStation to point to the cell library that you would like Title Block Client to choose title block cells from. Just create a new MicroStation configuration variable named TBMGR_CELL_LIB and give it a value of the full path and filename of the cell library you want Title Block Client to use. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to define the TBMGR_CELL_LIB MicroStation variable.

For more information or a free trial version of our products, call 727-442-7774 extension 1158 in the U.S. or click here to send us an e-mail.