Find Details, Cells, Blocks and More in Any Number of Files — Fast!

Detail Finder  ™

 A component of MicroStation Acceleration Garage ™

Quickly Find What You're Looking For

Detail Finder lets you instantly find what you're looking for in tens, hundreds or thousands of MicroStation DGN and AutoCAD DWG and DXF files.

Just point Detail Finder at any number of files, tell it what you want to search for, and it will locate and show you the detail, text, cells, blocks, references and tags that you're looking for.

Detail Finder then shows you a thumbnail of each file that the detail, text, cell, block, reference or tag is in. With just a click of a button, Detail Finder will open any such file you choose and take you to exactly what you were looking for. If multiple instances of, for example, a cell or block were found, Detail Finder will cycle through all of the items that were found with just a click of a button.

Neither MicroStation nor AutoCAD Required

Detail Finder does not require that MicroStation or AutoCAD be installed in order to locate information. However, MicroStation or AutoCAD must be installed in order to open files.

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