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Easily edit color, grayscale or monochrome raster images from within MicroStation.

RasterDgn is an attractive alternative to high-priced color and monochrome raster reference file editors such as MicroStation I/RAS B (also known as IRASB) or Descartes. With RasterDgn, users can easily manipulate either monochrome or color raster reference files from within MicroStation. RasterDgn modifies attached raster reference files directly.

Similar to MicroStation I/RAS B, RasterDgn includes such editing features as "delete", "copy" and "move", based on a fence or a user-defined rectangle. You can delete unneeded portions of a raster reference file in just one step, whereas MicroStation alone can only mask portions of raster reference files! RasterDgn includes features, such as the ability to "stamp" regular MicroStation vector elements — like ellipses, line strings and text — into the raster reference file as raster data.

Unlike MicroStation's I/RAS B or Descartes, RasterDgn's intuitive user interface makes raster reference file editing so simple that it requires little or no training for new users. Configuration for administrators is extremely straightforward, making it very easy to roll RasterDgn out at each site.

RasterDgn Features

  • Cleans up raster reference files using deskew (automatically rotate referenced raster files to make them level) and despeckle (remove speckles and noise on monochrome files) and delete.
  • Deletes portions of raster images that are not needed — in one step.
  • Edits color, grayscale and monochrome raster reference files easily.
  • Familiar interface requires minimal retraining for MicroStation users.
  • Uses industry standard raster reference file formats (no proprietary data involved).
  • Can save vector elements to raster format.
  • Crops raster reference file to a fence.
  • Scales or rotates raster images as well as hybrid raster/vector images by fence.
  • Uses MicroStation's Undo, {Ctrl-Z}, to undo RasterDgn operations including copy, move, delete, stamp, deskew, despeckle and resize canvas.

Available for MicroStation V8, XM, V8i and
PowerDraft V8i.

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Need something more affordable and easier to use than MicroStation I/RAS B or Descartes? RasterDgn is an attractive, affordable alternative to high-priced color raster reference file editors for users who need to manipulate either monochrome or color raster reference files from within MicroStation.

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