MicroStation Tip Corner — MicroStation V8 XM keyboard shortcuts

This month, we will go over how to speed up your V8 design work using keyboard shortcuts.

You will notice that the toolbar icons have characters below them. These are the shortcut keys associated with each tool set.

Preferences dialog (under Workspace menu)

To take advantage of these shortcuts, you must first enable Position Mapping (Workspace | Preferences).

Each tool icon has a shortcut key associated with it.

When Position Mapping is enabled, you can press the shortcut key to bring up the menu associated with that character.

By pressing the shortcut key, <Q> in this case, you can load the associated toolbar menu. After loading the menu, you can press the number key associated with the tool to load that tool.

In addition, if you want to load the tool that is already showing in the toolbar (like the Place SmartLine tool in the example above), you can just press <Shift> and the shortcut key and the tool is activated directly.

By pressing the shortcut key and <Shift>, you can load the tool directly.

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