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FileFixer even handles explosive decompression.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Clearwater, Florida, USA — “HELP ME! I can’t open my V8 file with MicroStation!” Axiom’s support team hears this plea all too often. They receive more calls about V8 design file corruption than V7 design file corruption.

MicroStation attempts to abort gracefully after opening a corrupted V8 file.

MicroStation V8 users report models which they can’t activate. They also report elements which no longer reside on a defined level. MicroStation users commonly complain about elements which can’t be selected, moved or copied. All of these project stoppers are obvious manifestations of design file corruption — …
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Axiom reveals the secrets of FileFixer.

Thursday, 7 December 2006

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Because Axiom’s FileFixer has distinguished itself worldwide as the solution for automatic analysis and repair of MicroStation V7 and V8 design file corruption, there’s really no reason not to reveal how we do it. Companies often protect their proprietary data and trade secrets but, what the heck, let’s see what I can get past the editor.

“Mommy, where do FileFixer enhancements comefrom?”

Where do FileFixer enhancements come from?

  1. Nearly all Axiom personnel, not just the Support and Development teams, are in regular communication with MicroStation sites around the globe, monitoring the most frequently …
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Toolkit owners benefit from 18 years of relentless enhancements

Thursday, 7 July 2005

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom’s software development team continuously enhances the component applications in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. This article highlights a few of the new time-saving features recently received by all Toolkit maintenance holders at no additional charge.

FileFixer for V8
FileFixer for V8 is the most “user-developed” component of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for obvious reasons. An ever-increasing number of client sites are migrating to V8 and are encountering new varieties of V8-specific design file corruption along the way. For almost four years, the FileFixer development team has been busy keeping up with V8 design file problems reported by clients.

Recent enhancements …
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How to avoid migration disasters

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Preventative steps to ensure a successful V7 to V8 migration.

CLEARWATER, FL, USA — Are you longing to work with MicroStation V8 but obligated to continue using V7 for the immediate future? If so, you are certainly not alone. Axiom continues to energetically support its large number of V7 clients and continues to enhance the V7 version of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications.

With MicroStation V8 on the horizon for many MicroStation shops, preparing legacy V7 files for a successful migration is a growing concern. MicroStation Productivity Toolkit offers solutions to ensure migrations go smoothly.

But there’s …
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How will your legacy V7 files behave once in V8?

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

By Al Germolus
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — The best way to guarantee that V7 files import into MicroStation V8 healthy and whole, is to first process then with FileFixer before importing them in V8. This isn’t to say that it is necessary to repair all V7 files prior to import into V8, but I do recommend at least checking them for problems. When facing the migration of 10,000 legacy V7 files that have been handled by a slew of designers through the years, things could get quite treacherous when migrating to V8, as many MicroStation CAD managers have attested.