Privacy Policy

Amended 13 August 2020

Axiom takes the privacy and security of our customers’ information seriously. Therefore, Axiom is voluntarily providing this Privacy Statement. By the action of using an Axiom website or by providing data to the company, you agree that you understand and agree to this Privacy Statement and agreement.

Axiom’s physical and postal address: Axiom, 1805 Drew Street; Clearwater, Florida 33765, USA. Axiom’s telephone number is 727-442-7774.

Axiom’s website collects only the personal information the visitor elects to provide. Visitors often enter information in forms on the website or by contacting us via email and this information is collected. Axiom does not employ “spyware” or similar software that collects personally identifiable information (PII) without your knowledge. Axiom does not have automatic tracking devices or cookies that surreptitiously retrieve PII from your Internet browser. Axiom may use cookies, when allowed by the visitor’s browser settings, to capture and retain information specifically about the advertising or search site that directed the visitor to our website. Spyware techniques and privacy-invading software from other companies that Axiom has no knowledge of may occur without our consent or knowledge. Axiom has no knowledge of nor would Axiom consent to any such activity by any person or organization. Axiom does its best to provide quality security measures to protect both you and Axiom from someone else who may attempt to use an Axiom site in some fashion that is either untoward or not known to us. To this date, Axiom knows of no successful attempts by third parties to get data about visitors via the Axiom website nor have there been any known, successful attempts to obtain customer data from Axiom in any illicit fashion. Of course, no one can guarantee that their site or database is impenetrable and Axiom cannot and does not make that guarantee Axiom takes reasonable and prudent security measures designed to safeguard any and all information our visitors and customers provide, whether provided online or by any other means.

PII collected by Axiom may include such information as name, company name, job title, email address, phone number, fax number, operating system, what prompted the visit to the Axiom website, purpose of a download, city, state, country, address and what software-related problem the visitor would like help in solving.

Axiom welcomes user input, feedback, tips, tricks, ideas, success stories and the like. Axiom makes such information available to users of our website as FAQs, case studies, tips and other vehicles. Any material or information posted to our website or sent to Axiom in any manner is understood by both Axiom and the submitting party to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. The sender agrees Axiom may freely copy, reproduce, incorporate, distribute or use such information as it wishes. The sender certifies that the information sent is not the copyright of another. The sender further agrees that he/she will defend and hold Axiom harmless from any claims of third parties that information sent by the sender was actually the copyright or trademark or service mark of another.

Axiom’s general internal policy is that Axiom does not give, sell, rent or lease personally identifiable information to third parties, companies or individuals, however the company retains the right to do so and will do so in certain circumstances. In some cases, Axiom customers may have some or all of their contact data shared with our contractors or affiliates. For example, if there is ever a case where a product is shipped from a location other than Axiom, then the customer’s contact data will be given to the developer/shipper. In some cases, it may be necessary for Axiom to share PII with one of our dealers or resellers. Such sharing would be on an individual case-by-case basis and normally, it is the reseller or dealer that obtained most of the given customer data in the first place. It is possible there will be situations where Axiom may be required or obligated by agreement or statute or otherwise deem it to be in its best interest to provide PII of customers, users or website visitors to other parties, with or without compensation. Axiom retains the right to do so at Axiom’s sole determination. Additionally, customers/users/visitors (you) agree that Axiom may disclose information containing PII: a) to comply with local, state or federal law; b) to comply with a court order or subpoena; c) to respond to any complaints that someone’s data or content violates the rights of a third party; d) at the demand of a duly authorized governmental agency; e) to enforce the terms of any agreements between Axiom and any customer; f) to protect the interests of Axiom or others; or g) pursuant to a contractual obligation or agreement with another party. All data submitted to Axiom, regardless of form or content, becomes the property of Axiom.

Axiom will use contact data to send visitors/customers information about Axiom products and services in addition to providing maintenance support and training services. Axiom complies with the federal law regarding email transmissions and does not engage in any spamming activity whatsoever, per the federal definition of spam. Axiom provides and complies with the federally-mandated opt-out procedure. Axiom provides several easy methods for a visitor or customer to ask off any of our mailings, including email and honors all opt-out requests. At the bottom of each marketing email from Axiom is the exact procedure to be removed from the email list. All Axiom email messages contain the correct header information; have an accurate subject line; contain a functioning return email address; when applicable, contain a clear indication that the message is a promotion; contain a conspicuous notice of the opportunity to decline further email; contain the physical address of Axiom and are not sent to any recipient more than ten business days after receiving a request from that individual to be removed from a mailing list.

Any user electing or needing to make changes to their information, such as changes to addresses or the like, may do so simply by calling or emailing Axiom’s Director of Personal Contact Marketing at 727-442-7774 or This is the email address that may also be used to send any complaints about Axiom website or Axiom’s use of PII. Regarding questions about the price of products and services in general, contact the Axiom Vice President for Sales at or 727-442-7774 or by sending a letter to the physical address given above.

As Axiom takes our users’ privacy seriously, we wanted to provide you with information regarding how we collect information during your visit to the Axiom website and how such information is used. This Privacy Statement may be amended in the future. Your use of the Axiom website or providing of data to any representative of the company signifies your acceptance of our current version of this privacy policy and the terms of this agreement. If and when it is amended, the effective date of the amended version will appear at the top of the privacy policy. Material changes that change the fundamental nature of some aspect of this agreement are italicized like this.